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Most lapel pins today are still hand made. The most typical way of manufacturing lapel pins is through striking. The procedures for creating lapel pins are very similar to a lot of products manufactured today. A lapel pin factory is closely related to factories for many other items created from metal. There are stamping processed, molding and casting processes. Most lapel pin factories house a large number of machines for aiding in the manufacturing process, such as high pressure die-striking machines that are operated by spindle or hydraulic pressure. The striking process requires an immense amount of pressure, because most lapel pins are struck from hard metals such as steel, iron and other metals. Most lapel pin factories are operated in China, the same place just about every other product most American’s use on a day-to-day basis are manufactured as well. It should be of no surprise that these small, inexpensive items are also made in one of the largest countries for trade export in the world. There are a handful of US and Canadian operated factories, however these factories simply cannot maintain the same levels of product as a China-based factory due to sheer employee volume and material costs. Metals such as copper, iron and brass are more readily available and for more affordable rates to China, therefore allowing the production costs to remain low. A typical lapel pin factory might produce several thousands of lapel pins each day for customers ranging from large American corporations to non-profit organizations, to hospitals and schools. If you want to get an inside look at the operations of a lapel pin factory, click here to see the popular TV show How It’s Made episode of lapel pins.

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